Since my childhood, I have always thought it would be so interesting to be Jewish – to understand the customs of the Jewish faith and to learn and understand the meaning and symbolism associated with the Jewish feasts.  I have taken the last many years learning as much as possible about the Feasts established by the Lord and given to the Israelite people.

I am amazed every time I commit myself to a deeper study of God’s Word.  He is an artist who uses every means in the universe to paint a beautiful masterpiece of His Son and the gift given to us in that we can have an intimate relationship with Him. Just as one example of the literal hundreds of details in the seven Feasts that shine a spotlight on our Savior, allow me to share with you about the Afikomen.

 “As a part of the Passover, we discover the Afikomen. There are three pieces of Matzah bread and they are layered.  At one point the middle piece is broken, half is placed back where it came from and the other half is hidden somewhere in the house.  After the meal, the children are sent to look for it and a reward is given to the one who finds it.  Very exciting!!

 The three pieces of Matzah represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Certainly, the middle piece, the one that is broken and hidden would represent our Christ. We understand that most Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah and they believe that they are still waiting on the Savior.  These same Jewish people would celebrate Passover, they are participating in these traditional acts as representations of the coming Savior – and Jesus was the one all along.  Here is the interesting part, the middle piece of bread that is broken, the Afikomen, the meaning of that word is “I came.”

 Jesus came. He is the Passover Lamb; if His blood is sprinkled over your life and heart, then you are His!”

Another fact I find very interesting is that when Jesus and His disciples were having the Last Supper, they were actually receiving the Passover meal.  The scriptures all fit together to weave a beautiful tapestry. Oh, how I pray that we will not miss the intricate details or the beauty of it.

Please join me September 23rd, from 1:30 to 8:30 pm as we delve into the vast awesomeness of the Feasts of the Lord. You can register at and click on the “products” link. You will find the registration form there.

Blessings and see you the 23rd!!

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