Do you and other parents want to get together to study Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture?  It is always helpful to gain perspective from other parents, talk about the current turbulent teen issues, and build a sense of community.  With the Rescue Group Study, you can do just that!  Below is a simple guide how to use Rescue for your next group study.  Because the Rescue book, the actual filming of the seminar, and heart of the Rescue Prayer Journal are separate projects, we have incorporated them into one study.  The chapters and sessions do not always line up numerically, but Candy’s message is the same.  We want you and your group to dive into one topic at a time and focus in on what God has to say about your teen and this current culture.  Let’s get started!

Group time: Watch Session 1, “becoming a rescue swimmer” on Disc 1 (30 minutes).
Discuss the introduction.  Why is it important that we acknowledge our teens could drown in this culture?  What are the things you are afraid of for your teen?
Pray.  Ask the Lord to bless this group time.  Ask God to make this study a time of encouragement, rebuilding, and hope for your teens.

This week: Read the Forward, Introduction, and Meet the Lifeguards from Rescue, pages XIII-XXIX.
Use the Prayer Journal as a guide to begin focused prayer for your teen this week (pages 1-10).

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